Sergio Ferrari


Smile seeker on the move, with Finance & Accounting background; Sergio became passionate on how payments around the world work. He and his team led Smile Group into a premier fin-tech service provider with focus on cross border payments. Currently processing hundreds of transactions per day for companies such Boa Compra, Bebetter Hotels, Cuenta Digital and many more.

Javier Perez Santoro

Co Founder

With a passion for commercial development and technology, Javier finds in the SmileWallet family the connection between these two worlds. With more than 10 years of experience in payment platforms and Web development built in top international companies. Passionate about creation and innovation Javier helps in the development of new products and the growth of infrastructure.

Esteban Pontieri

Operations & Compliance

Esteban spearheads all Smile Group activities, including overseeing operations, execution and regulations. Before joining us he worked for ten years for Govermental Agencies helping companies tapping into international markets with their Products and Services. He now brings his extensive experience to SmileWallet to drive the company's operations.

Matias Sztelmak

Head of Business Development

As Head of Commercial Opertions at SmileWallet, one of his responsabilities is to increase conversion for the company's global client base. Prior to the company, Matias garnered more than 5 years of international experience, most recently leading global expansion objetives. His passion: creating a payments ecosystem that has no borders.

Sofía Van Thienen

Head of Sales

Sofia enjoys outside activities and loves spending weekends on the countryside together with her family. Her Hotel Management and Marketing degree represent meany years working together with Tourism Industry. Her goal is to help people increase their companies and profit. Sofia´s previous experience at Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Groupon Travel and BitPagos bring up to SmileWallet the correct knowledge in order to develop local and regional markets.

Ana Laura Callero


Curious and executive, very family oriented and amateur athlete, Ana is a fan of Start-ups companies and she is motivated by business challenges. Lawyer, MBA, over ten years of experience in the internet and e-commerce industry. Specialist in processes of restructuring and change management. Recent acquisition of the Smile team, Ana brings her enthusiasm and energy to improve the experience of our clients.

Franca Ullrich

Director of Business Development in Europe

Franca is an excellent professional, passionate about results and with great ability to generate empathy. He loves art, design and is a fundamental pillar for the growth of SmileWallet in Europe.

Juan Antenucci

IT - Software Developer

Juan joined Smile Group from the very beginning and developed our main payment processing system and platform. His robust understanding of IT and fin-tech opertions whether it involves new features, better performance or security features, puts SmileWallet at the forefront of the payment processing platforms and services.

Gonzalo Reverberi

IT - Software Developer

Apart of beer and rock expert, Gonzalo brings mass knowledge in new technologies and solutions to the Smile team. Self-taught and explorer, he worked six years as fullstack developer. His skills contribute on daily basis to the addition of new features and enhancements to the different Smile Group platforms and services.

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